Rear Projection Surfaces

Rear Projection Surfaces

Harkness Screens™ makes a wide variety of rear projection screens for use with both film and digital projection in 2D and 3D pro AV and events applications. All screen surfaces are engineered and constructed using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure an outstanding finish with excellent brightness, colour rendition, and contrast.

What sets Harkness Screens™ rear projection screen surfaces apart?

  • A proprietary and unique seam welding process ensures most of our rear projection screens have no visible seams under projection conditions
  • The highest quality materials help our screens avoid discolouration or loss of structural integrity over time
  • We offer products for a variety of viewing conditions and desired effects

Our popular Translite™ brand is a leader in rear projection, and is available in a number of styles to meet your unique needs of:

  • A variety of ambient lighting conditions
  • A range of contrast and transmission requirements
  • Edge-blending projection

Learn more about Translite™ brand products by clicking on the link below.
Harkness screens can be made to virtually any size required, and finished with your choice of edge treatments to suit your preferred installation method.



Our Translite™ range, contains many products based on viewing conditions, desired effects, contrast and transmittance requirements.