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Reality Capture Solutions


Real-estate is the most important asset for any cinema exhibitor, yet often it's the element least considered.  As exhibitors continually strive to generate more revenue by monetising commercial spaces more effectively, the need for improved documentation and data about real-estate becomes crucial.

Reality Capture from Harkness Screens is an affordable service providing exhibitors, project managers and architects with a rapid surveying service designed to authenticate existing building drawings (2D CAD or 3D BIM).

The rich data created from the survey can be used as a tool for creating new construction drawings or models and can also be used to create virtual asset registers of buildings, perform analysis of core building functions such as fire evacuation procedures or even improve retail performance.


What is Reality Capture?

  • High Definition intelligent 3D image capture of building and assets in colour or black and white
  • Rapid process involving professional surveying equipment - typically 1 day on-site for a multiplex up to 15 screens in size
  • Non-invasive technique requires no power or lighting to capture information
  • Highly accurate to within 2mm / 0.07in
  • Intelligent data delivered in 5 - 7 working days that allows for various uses including measurement, asset registration and construction drawing creation


When might it be useful?

  • Post-new build to capture “as-is” state
  • New site acquisition (purchase from competitor)
  • Full site refurbishment
  • Proposed sale (accurately represent assets to potential buyers)
  • Significant new technology deployment (eg. Dolby Atmos, Barco Escape)
  • To create a virtual asset register
  • To carry out analysis or key building management tasks such as retail performance, security analysis and fire evacuation procedures


Advantages of Reality Capture

  • Quickly shows “as-is” state of real-estate in 3D
  • Capture to core deliverable in 5 – 7 working days
  • Photorealistic imagery (with hi-res scans)
  • Instant access to key measurement data without need to re-draw or create 2D/3D models based on survey data
  • Data captured on-site can be imported into most major CAD/BIM platforms retaining measurement accuracy
  • Enables you to provide partners such as Harkness with data to consult accurately on topics such as screen optimisation, digital signage placement and retail placement
  • Data can be used to create virtual asset register


Additional benefits

  • On-site screen gain (reflectiveness) measurements taken during scans
  • Screen optimisation consultancy
  • 2D orthographic floor plans, sections and elevations importable into all major CAD packages such as AutoCAD to create traceable outlines
  • Native data importable into 3D BIM packages such as Autodesk Revit


What else can the data be used for?

  • Building outlines can be imported into building simulation tools
  • Visualise customer journey's through buildings
  • Identify prime retail and signage spots
  • Simulate fire evacuation procedures highlighting different scenarios, pinch-points and areas for improvement