Cinema Screens

Qalif Ultimate

Designed for use in post-production facilities or review rooms as well as normal cinema environments and premium large format theatres, Qalif Ultimate technology forms an integral part of Harkness' Curolux Gold solutions. Qalif Ultimate technology is designed to measure all digital cinema screen parameters and help fine tune projection settings automatically tracking each parameter during its operation.


  • Simultaneous 144-point light readings
  • Automated light measurement
  • Automated light management
  • Contrast measurement
  • Colour measurement to DCI specification
  • Screen colour convergence
  • Accurate light readings +/- 1.0 fL
  • Multiple projector alignment
  • Spectral analysis of audio channels
  • Remote monitoring to NOC or TMS


As well as all the features of smaller lower cost Qalif technology (Optimiser and Optimiser Lite), Qalif Ultimate technology allow for measurement of contrast, colour (down to 1nm) and colour convergence. The unique functionality allows for up to 4 projectors to be aligned simultaneously, ideal for ensuring performance quality in dual or multiple projection setups such as premium large format theatres.
This solution also allows for fully-automated remote screen monitoring from the Network Operation Centre (NOC) and Theatre Management System (TMS).