Cinema Screens

Qalif Spectro

A state-of-the-art spectrometer, Qalif Spectro is a major advancement in colour and luminance measurement.  A portable and lightweight engineers tool, designed with an industry leading spectrometer that is laser-ready that allows the user to view full colour spectrum and luminance information without the need of a laptop.


  • Superior Pixel resolution provides more data points per nm for precise measurements
  • Performs in low luminance environments (auditoria)
  • Built in colour touch LCD screen with up to 4 hour battery use
  • Ease of use, simply point and click (built in accuracy with targeted laser pointer)
  • Wireless connectivity for easy integration with mobile devices and laptops via VNC
  • Fast measurement integration time

The Qalif Spectro has been designed for a cinema environment, but can also be used in a variety of environments including screening rooms and post-production laboratories.