Cinema Screens

Qalif Optimiser Lite

A low-cost entry solution to Qalif technology, the Qalif Optimiser Lite is suited for use in normal cinema environments, Qalif Optimiser Lite technology forms part of Harkness' Curolux Bronze solution allowing exhibitors to measure and maintain screen parameters and monitor and modify projection equipment settings.


  • Single point light measurement (centre screen)
  • Automated light measurement
  • Automated light management
  • Accurate light readings +/- 1.0 fL
  • Audio Channel check
  • Remote monitoring to NOC or TMS


The discreet fixed unit typically installed on the back wall of the theatre has the capability to automate the process of taking a single centre screen brightness reading, modifying and managing projection equipment settings to ensure suitable brightness levels for presentation are maintained. Additionally, the unit is capable of performing an audio channel check.

Designed to assist exhibitors to manage their theatres remotely, standard reporting tools allow for fully-automated remote screen monitoring from the NOC and TMS.