Cinema Screens

Qalif Dual

Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing multi-projector cinema systems, Qalif Dual can automatically align dual projectors with zoom and lens shift to within 0.3 pixels. 


Qalif Dual is a permanent installation for daily use, usually mounted to the back wall of auditoria to ensure multiple projector images remain aligned and lenses in focus without the need for an engineer to visit.  Standard features included are NOC integration and Active Services alerts for remote connectivity and alignment failure notification.


  • Dual projector alignment to 0.3 pixels
  • Automatic focus adjustment
  • Automatic lamp power adjustment
  • Brightness uniformity up to 144 points
  • Precise detection of Hot Spot
  • Assists in Scheimpflug adjustment
  • Easy and more precise convergence analysis with assisted adjustment
  • Contrast measuring (Intra-frame and Sequential)

A major advancement in dual projection technology, Qalif Dual automatically manages alignment, focus, and brightness.