Event Screens

Professional Services

    What makes Harkness the leader in screen technology is its ability to add recognisable value to its range of proprietary leading screen surfaces by applying its expertise and knowledge in the field of light-on-screen. That added value is aimed at ensuring that Harknessí customers obtain the best return on their investment in digital cinema technology.

    Auditorium Design

    From pure geometry through to seating rake, seating configuration or projection port height there are a number of factors which can influence the quality of on-screen presentation. Harknessí technical consultancy team is able to assess potential impacts from proposed new-build of refurbishment designs by interrogating either technical information or 2D/3D CAD drawings and make recommendations for improvements accordingly.

    Equipment Specification

    Ensuring that on-screen presentation meets industry-standard levels for brightness and uniformity is vital. Due to Harknessí close relationships with equipment manufacturers (projectors, lamps, 3D systems, etc), Harkness technical consultants are able to make recommendations on proposed equipment specification allowing customers to make informed decisions on their proposed configurations.

    Screen Optimisation

    Harkness has long argued that the screen is one of the most important parts of a cinema auditorium. Optimising the screen by adding a curve or tilt can help reflect the maximum amount of light back into the seating area in the auditorium and improve brightness uniformity both of which can have a significant impact on visual performance. Harknessí consultants are able to assess proposed 2D or 3D CAD designs and provide recommendations on screen optimisation.

    Light Measurement Reports

    From underperforming, defective or ageing lamps, through to dirty or ageing screens or 3D systems left in situ for 2D presentation, there are many reasons why on-screen brightness levels might fall below the expected levels. Harknessí oncsultants are able to examine light measurements taken in the auditorium along with equipment specifications and auditorium geometry to suggest areas of concern or remedial fixes.

    Screen Installation

    Large cinema screens, particularly coated 3D screens are by nature somewhat fragile and prone to damage when appropriate care is not taken during unpacking, handling or installing the screen. Harknessí technical consultants are able to provide guidance on best practice for screen installation or in some cases able to attend site to supervise installation.

    Screen Maintenance and Cleaning

    Maintaining a clean auditorium environment can ensure that screen performance is maintained. In the event that screen become dusty/dirty or is in need of a minor repair, Harknessí consultants are able to advise on cleaning or repair procedures to enable the screen to be returned to the best possible condition.