Projection screens for special events

Event Applications

Event organizers and set designers are increasingly using projection screens for state-of-the-art sets to create exciting projection and lighting effects. Custom screens provide economic solutions for one-off events, for touring shows, as well as more permanent use in TV studios and live theatre.


Live theatre / Film and TV studios

Harkness makes screens for use as cycloramas in live theatre and opera productions, or Film and TV studios. These can be front projection, rear projection or combination front and rear projection.  Multiple projected images can be blended, and screens can be used for lighting effects as well as projection.

Special Events

We produce large custom screens for applications such as

  • Product launch backdrops/projection surfaces
  • Fashion shows
  • Exhibition stands and conference sets
  • Special lighting effects
  • Touring shows
  • Spectacular events
  • Film premieres

Event screens, ideal for use with the current generation of powerful video projectors, provide a higher quality projected image than can be obtained using cloth. The screen can provide the entire set backdrop, which can be more flexible than using drapes and built-in screens. Harkness Screens provide the ideal surfaces to ensure the highest quality presentation for organizers and designers.

Projector screens for special events

Rental & Staging

For many of the custom events for which Harkness makes screens, such as product launches, conferences, awards ceremonies and film premieres, the staging, lighting, video and projection equipment used is supplied by the Rental and Staging sector. Screen surfaces suitable for front projection, rear projection, combined front and rear projection, and also for special scenic or lighting effects, are available. Screens can be custom made to exact size and shape (including special shapes) or screen material can be supplied off roll. Harkness Screens does not itself rent screens, but contact us to be directed to a screen rental company.