Cinema Screens

Digital Screen Planner

Free to download from the Apple App Store and the Android Market and via the Harkness website, , the Digital Screen Planner is a tool that allows those specifying cinema screens to carry out complex mathematical calculations quickly and accurately.

  • Carry out complex geometric calculations
  • Understand potential design implications
  • Correctly specify screen shapes and sizes
  • Reduce project risk

From physical screen curvature and tilt through to specifying the physical sheet size, the Digital Screen Planner is an ideal tool for ensuring that these key construction design elements and the actual screen specified are correct prior to the project, helping to prevent potentially costly on site delays or mistakes from occurring.


Additional Guidance

The Digital Screen Planner has been rigorously tested to confirm its accuracy. The tool however is dependent on the accuracy of data entered by the user which is then used to make a number of assumptions.

Whilst the results displayed in the Digital Screne Planner are theoretically possible there are any number of variables which could alter the outcome significantly. Harkness Screens always recommends users consult with Harkness before applying the information supplied in the Digital Screen Planner in to real-world construction projects or screen orders.


Information and Downloads

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