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Digital Screen Archiver


Free to download from the Apple App Store, the Android Market and through a secure hosted cloud-based service, the Digital Screen


Archiver is a tool that aids projectionists,
managers, engineers and exhibitors to maintain their digital cinema auditoria. Capture key cinema data in a standardised format and use extensive back-end reporting tools to schedule maintenance and monitor screen performance against industry standards.

  • Streamlined remote site management
  • Support your NOC deployment/remote management
  • Assist maintenance planning
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce operating costs and energy consumption

Quick and easy to use, the Digital Screen Archiver allows data such as auditoria geometry, power settings, lamp life and on-screen brightness to be captured in a standardised format during maintenance visits. Extensive back-end reporting tools allow those responsible for maintaining cinema auditoria to monitor the performance of their entire screen portfolio through one source, schedule planned and reactive maintenance visits and benchmark screen performance against key industry-standards.

Account creation and management
Create a free account, obtain administrator status for your cinema circuit and monitor all the screens in your circuit whilst controlling user access

Set up unlimited sites and auditoria
There really is no limit to the number of locations and auditoria you can create with a minimum one-time input operation.

Real-Time reporting (requires 3G, 4G or WIFI connection)
Store report data during maintenance visits.  Keep track of key data with real-time reports, as soon as a report is filed, it becomes viewable to administrators

Extensive back-end reporting tools with industry-standard benchmarking
Want to know how your screens are performing? View a range of reports and see visually if your brightness levels meet industry-standard (DCI for 2D) specifications

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