Cinema Screens

4K Digital Perforation Pattern

The new Harkness Digital Perforation Pattern will become the standard perforation pattern for all screen types replacing the existing standard pattern. The new pattern has an open area of over 4% with over 65,000 holes per square metre. This helps to significantly increase light reflectance into cinema auditoriums compared to Harkness’ previous standard perforation pattern and provides a brighter and better quality viewing experience. The smaller holes also allow for a closer viewing experience with less visible seams, while the increased quantity of perforations provides better sound attenuation.

Harkness’ 4K Digital Perforation Pattern has been specifically designed to reduce the onset of the Moiré effect. Moiré fringing is caused when the weave pattern of a screen aligns and then interferes with the projector’s pixelated images resulting in an undesired, strobe-like effect across the screen, which can have a huge impact on cinematic experience. With the resolution of projectors growing, it is a common issue in contemporary digital imaging and the new perforation pattern helps to offset this.

Sound attenuation versus existing standard perforation pattern.


As part of the switch to Harkness’ new perforation pattern, Harkness has increased the width of its industry leading base materials, reducing the number of seams required to make a screen significantly.

 Screen Width

 Standard Perf Panels

 Digital Perf Panels

 5m (15ft)  4  3
 10m (30ft)  8  6
 15m (45ft)  11  8
 20m (60ft)  15  11
 25m (75ft)  18  14
 30m (90ft)  22  16

The new Harkness 4K Digital Perforation Pattern is available from Harkness US factory and will be extended to its Asian operations in early 2016, with European operations following shortly after.