Cinema Screens

Curolux Screen Monitoring


Ensuring standards are optimised and maintained is extremely important for exhibitors concerned about presentation quality. From brightness uniformity and lamp life degradation, through to optical losses such as lamp alignment, focus, colour correction and even audio related issues, there are numerous factors that can reduce presentation quality. Any of these factors can prevent cinema audiences from receiving the best possible cinematic experience.


From single-screen cinemas through to large multiplex chains and premium large format theatres, Curolux screen monitoring solutions from Harkness Screens,
the world’s leading screen technology company, are designed to monitor presentation quality from basic semi-automated light measurement through to fully automated remote monitoring with projector integration.

Curolux screen monitoring solutions from Harkness Screens utilises a range of state of the art tools including Qalif technology to provide cinema operators with the ability to ensure that high quality cinema presentation is maintained at all times and that areas of concern are quickly identified allowing for remedial maintenance to take place using remote monitoring.


Curolux GOLD

Designed for use in post-production studios, review rooms and premium large format theatres as well as normal cinema, this solution combines Qalif Ultimate technology with automated remote monitoring and reporting to a NOC or TMS.


Curolux SILVER

Suited for use in normal cinema environments, this solutions is powered by Qalif Optimiser technology and allows exhibitors to measure and maintain screen parameters and monitor and modify projection equipment settings.


Curolux BRONZE

An entry-level solution for full automated screen monitoring, this solution uses Qalif Optimiser Lite technology and is aimed at exhibitors wishing to manage centre-screen brightness levels.


Curolux BLUE+

This basic semi-automated solution uses pioneering Harkness technology in the Digital Screen Verifier along with the Digital Screen Archiver to form a remote monitoring solution for screen brightness via the Apple iOS platform.


Curolux BLUE

Combining Harkness’ highly successful low-cost luminance meter the Digital Screen Checker and the Digital Screen Archiver tool this solution enables centre-screen light measurement readings to be taken and recorded.


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