What is Clarus XC?

From breath-taking 2D through to its spectacular performance in 3D Clarus XC, the new revolutionary screen technology from Harkness Screens allows cinema exhibitors to dramatically improve cinema presentation.

Clarus XC technology is the result of significant work by Harkness’ Research and Development team and brings together a number of proprietary technologies to create a screen surface for the age of immersive cinema.

2D and 3D Presentation

Designed to work with all passive 3D systems, Clarus XC screens create visibly deeper 3D content which is designed to draw in the audience creating a more captivating viewing experience.  A whiter look under projection mean that colours look visibly richer and more accurate both in 2D and 3D resulting in a more defined, sharper and crisper picture. 

Clarus XC technology is available in four different gain levels, 1.7, 2.2 and 2.7 designed to suit all cinema environments from small screening rooms through to large format theaters.





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