Cinema Screens

Apps and Tools for Digital Cinema

For over 80 years Harkness Screens has been at the heart of cinematic presentation, constantly evolving through innovation and creativity to meet the challenge of cinema operators globally. Through this innovation, Harkness Screens is now able to offer a complete end-to-end solution for digital cinema screens. From pre-construction through to screen manufacture, maintenance and refurbishment, Harkness has tools to assist in the design and management of cinema auditoria.


Digital Screen Calculator

Get the most out of your digital cinema investment! The Digital Screen Calculator can help you select the right screen to optimise light levels and reduce operating costs.


Digital Screen Modeller

Make informed decisions about digital cinema projects with the Digital Screen Modeller.  Visualise scenarios in a 3D environment to optimise performance and ensure industry-standard compliance.


Digital Screen Checker

The Digital Screen Checker is a low-cost hand-held digital cinema luminance meter for accurately measuring 2D and 3D screen brightness, expressed in foot lamberts (fL).


Digital Screen Archiver

Securely capture key cinema data during maintenance visits with the Digital Screen Archiver and use its extensive reporting tools to schedule maintenance and monitor performance.